Tropical Aspirations

Some say I have a vivid imagination. Maybe it comes from reading so many fantasy books, my favorite pastime. My brain is loaded with images of all kinds and they swirl around actively seeking an outlet. Recently one product of all this mental stimulation is the dream of a tropical vacation on a faraway isle. I see the palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze below a clear blue sky. Nearby swimmers are playing in the sea among the white-crested waves. A few surfers are attempting to mount their boards, but the waves are too small and they are patiently waiting for larger ones. Families are perched in beach chairs sipping on tropical drinks from the nearby tiki beach bar. Carved wooden animals grace its front and people are also sitting on stools eating yummy snacks. There is an assortment of people doing various things like playing beach volley ball or just catch. Parents are applying sunscreen as the sun is intense and hot.

Any tropical destination is simply beautiful. Tahiti, Hawaii, you name it. They are rife with thick green foliage and colorful flowers. You simply must wear one in your hair as you walk around the small villages that are typical in island locations. There is plenty of local color to observe. Meanwhile the great resorts of the world offer amenities galore so you can be pampered while you also explore. It is relaxing and stimulating all at the same time. A tropical vacation beckons to me.

However, I have a limited budget. I have saved up enough to take this vacation one time, but I have also been dreaming about putting a swimming pool in the back yard. While a vacation comes and goes, a swimming pool is forever. It is there for you every day. I could decorate the covered patio to look like a tropical paradise. Some flowers in pots, some sea shells strewn about, and a bit of fisherman’s netting all would make it a special place. So what to do? The vacation or the pool. Your fantasy dream of the beach and your toes in the soft, warm sand or swimming laps by moonlight. On my budget, I have to make a choice and it won’t be easy. I weigh the pros and cons. I want both and I know I can’t have it. So I let myself ponder for a few days and arrive at my final decision. I will go for an above ground pool.

It is expensive indeed and will take most of my vacation budget. It will also require maintenance and supervision when kids are invited over. My tropical aspirations have died. But a pool is a locus of fun activities for the whole family and neighborhood. I will get a lot of on-going pleasure from owning one. I like to swim and was a water baby as a child so it is not surprising that I opted for the large above ground pool. No kiddie pool for me at my stage in life.