Long time no see!

Hi all! Sorry, I’ve been away for a while, I guess sometimes you can get too immersed in reading books! But now I’m back and hoping to share many interesting reflections on books, especially fantasy books, and reading in general! Wow, time flies and so much has happened in the meantime.

I traveled around and met so many amazing people, I even managed to pick up some French by spending a few months at my aunt’s place in southern France (oh là là – a longer post on French books is coming soon, I promise!). I also got a dog – I absolutely love my fluffy friend, but I didn’t imagine it would be as time-consuming to take care of a pet as it is (I am struggling not to neglect my lovely books!).

And finally, recently I also did some renovating in the house. I tackled the major works first, like removing the carpeting, and then I dealt with the smaller things, like having a new water heater installed. While repair work was necessary, of course, I couldn’t simply afford to waste too much money, so I was careful to ask around and do my own research on what the best options would be. And you know me, reading is no problem at all, so I read a bunch of articles and sites online on every single item I bought. For example, before getting a new tankless version, I was careful to read the reviews.

Anyway, while I was in France, I also had the opportunity to discuss French literature with French people. Do you know that stereotype about French people not being very good at speaking English? Yeah, well it turns out it’s not a stereotype at all, we honestly struggled quite a bit to understand one another in the beginning. This is not to say that these people didn’t speak English, but their accent was simply very strong, so it took a while to get used to it. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I ‘decided’ to pick up some French – it was not so much a decision as I was to some extent ‘forced’! But once I got used to their accent, I actually had a lot of interesting discussions about literature and even discovered some new authors that I have put on my reading list. The Little Prince (or Le Petit Prince) by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry I was told was especially good for people with basic French skills like me, though I tried to read it in French and it was challenging. I had read the translation in English when I was younger, but it is always better to read books in the original, of course. Well, until I perfect my French, I am going back to my fantasy books!