Ignoring the Mess

I can be rapt while reading a really good book. I can be blown away. Really taken in by a compelling story. I don’t want to stop. I can drift off into another world and forget the daily grind and nagging chores. I can especially forget the housecleaning that is begging to be done. Take a look around my room and you will see. There are things everywhere. Maybe that is where they are meant to be! Then I can find them in my own way on my own time.

I appreciate a well-written tome, one that grabs me right from the start with good writing and an exciting story. There is nothing better to get you out of your narrow little world. If it is non-fiction, I luxuriate in what I can learn. It makes me want to put off the vacuuming that really should be done before I fall into a pile of dust, never to reappear again. A little of the powdery stuff never killed anyone, unless you have bad allergies, which I don’t. My friend Janine, on the other hand, has spent hundreds of dollars buying a special vacuum cleaner for allergies, to remove and filter out all of the nasties that hide in the layers of her carpet so that she doesn’t suffer from hay fever the moment she steps in the front door of her apartment.

My imagination might be running away with me, but face it, books have more to tell than the act of cleaning, as vital as it might be. They have more to tell than any practical task. Besides, I don’t mind the mess. In fact, I can ignore quite well. I like to lift a finger only to turn a page, or if I am on Kindle, to click to the next one. Any format will do as long as I can read…

If you don’t have the reading bug, take it from me, you will love it. There is no end to what you can choose. It doesn’t have to be what is popular or what your friends like. It is up to you what, when, why, and how you will indulge. Reading will become your lifelong friend and companion when nothing else will do. It is there at virtually no cost and can be approached once again when the mood moves you. As for me, I collect and save my books, but I may not share lest someone forget to return the favor! Not everyone is respectful of others property, even if it is digital.

So here I sit with a cup of mocha latte, a few biscuits, and my favorite book of the moment. I can go on for hours this way with few breaks. Come laundry day, you can find me shoving clothes in the dryer, but that’s it. And it is by necessity. As for the carpet, well, what about it?

It is easy to ignore the mess when you like to read. Some books you can’t put down; they are that good. Some things can wait and some can’t. You choose. As for me, the books win every time there is a war between a good read and a household chore. Yes, I can ignore the mess.