Cool Built Ins

It’s time to fix up the place and do a little light remodeling at home. My spare room is a would-be office and this is where my renovation focus will be. I have boxes of books sitting in the garage that need a new and cleaner home. In short, I want to get a handyman over soon to build some bookcases right into the wall. I have one large one with no window or door. I have made a few sketches but need a more professional hand to arrange the right proportions and add a few custom touches. I would love a pull out shelf that can serve as a modest computer desk and a cupboard or two for storage.

I am also thinking of adding a small gun safe into these cool built ins. After all, it is an all-purpose unit, isn’t it? Are you surprised? Yes, I am considering a weapon, a wee pistol, for protection. There have been a few in–home burglaries lately and I don’t live in a security building. I am getting more and more nervous these days about the negative statistics. It seems to be getting closer to home. I have queried my friends and they all have the same complaint. It doesn’t matter if it is a good or bad neighborhood. The crime problem is the same. Day or night, thieves are on the prowl.

So a gun there will be. According to the law, I have to house this weapon safely in a true gun safe. I suppose they are all made of metal and offer fire, corrosion, rust, and water protection. The gun will not be accessible for little child-like hands or robbers. While the unit will be visible, it will also have a false wooden front. I don’t want it to be that obvious! Mmm. Maybe it is a good deterrent.

So I am pretty excited about an entire wall for practical purposes. It will address all of my needs, but mostly the space issue for hundreds of books. Yes, I am an avid reader and I keep everything I have perused. I do loan out books and also get some in return. It is kind of a personal library of sorts and I am proud of it. This wall unit will be worth its weight in gold if it can house everything effectively.

I decided that a built-in desk would safe space in the room so I could also have a daybed for guests and maybe a small chest of drawers. A computer station is usually unsightly in any case and I don’t relish its plastic essence at home. They don’t make nice ones in my opinion except for a real office. My wall unit will do double duty in practical ways. And I don’t think it is going to cost all that much. I will use prefab planks of wood that are already nicely painted or stained and some metal brackets. Once the books are in, the whole thing will have a coherent look.