Book Lover’s Dream Storage

Do you ever look in the store or online and see a great bookshelf and think, god, I want that! And then you see the price and it’s—nevermind! Why are bookcases so expensive? Half the time, they aren’t even made out of real wood. My old bookcase is bursting at the seams, so I had to do something. I mentioned to my dad that I liked the look of built-in bookcases and you know how the daddies of girls are—that was all he needed to hear. Really, I think he wanted to spend some time together and have an excuse to use all those expensive tools he keeps in the garage. Either way, though, I was in.

I showed him the shelving units I liked best and he picked two tall bookcases with a kind of entertainment center in the middle I can put my TV on. It would be the easiest to build, he said. We used to do things together like this when I was little; we built our old dog, Lucy, an impressive dog house years ago. My dad ordered the wood and we set a weekend aside to get the actual work done.

My dad cut the wood because he is much better at the saw than I am. Then he brought it to my place and we sanded and painted everything white. You might think that’s boring but it is actually the color of my walls, so the bookcases blend in very nicely.

That took us about the whole first day.

The next day he came over with a nail gun and an air compressor to run it. I thought that sounded way better than swinging a hammer all day long. He’s got this little “hot dog” air compressor (He used to have a different one, so I asked him what kind this was as he was lugging it into the house, and that’s what he told me. It definitely made it seem cute) that very nicely attaches to his pneumatic nail gun. It only took a minute for the compressor to get up and running. My dad warned me that it might seem loud, but we were actually talking while it was running and I could hear him just fine. I liked that it ran on electricity—his old one was gas powered and it had to be outside. We were able to get all the nails in pretty quickly so that the bookcase assembled like a dream. I really liked it. I think if I decide to do more assembly projects like this, I might get my own air compressor and nail gun!

Now I have both a great, custom-made dream storage unit and I got to spend time with my dad. Definitely a win-win.

What do you think? Have you ever made something like this? Would you use manual tools or do something like we did, a pneumatic nail gun and an air compressor?